Minolta XG-9 35mm SLR Camera


The Minolta XG-9 35 mm SLR Camera was first produced around 1979. It takes regular 35mm film and is incredibly easy to handle. I took it with me to a trip to Ireland and it took fantastic pictures. I will add those pics in a later post.

357 / 303 / EPX 76 Batteries

I installed two (2) –  357/303 Energizer batteries that are each 1.55 V. I was able to buy the batteries at Walgreens so it should not be much trouble to find them. I believe you can also find them at Radio Shack under the number EPX76 and on Amazon at this link Energizer Silver Oxide Watch/Electronic Battery 357. These work with the Automatic setting pretty well as most of my shots taken with it came out great. Although since you are using an older camera and getting away from the digital I’m not sure how much you would want to rely on  it. Once the batteries are installed you can turn the camera to the on position and you will be able to crank the advanced level forward.


Looking through the viewfinder you can see the light meter and all the shutter speeds lined up on the right side.  If you are in Auto mode the red dots will light up on the right side of the shutter speed it thinks you will need on the aperture that you have set. you just need to lightly press on the shutter button for the lights to come on. If the red light reads at about 60 or less then I would worry about having blurry pictures and having to place the camera on a stable surface.

I took this camera to a concert and it was amazing. I took some long exposure shots, just while holding the camera up in the air and they still came out pretty well.In all I think that this is a pretty great camera and it is very portable for everyday use. Below is a selection of some of the pictures I was able to take with it. Hope you enjoy

Pictures taken with an MG-9 Minolta





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Polaroid Land Camera

Pic of my 104 Polaroid Land Camera

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