A Bit of Europe in Black and White

Black and White Film in Europe

As in my last post this is another set of photos but from my Honeywell Pentax SP1000 Camera, which I reviewed a few months ago. I just had these pics developed at a local lab in Berkeley. The roll had been sitting in a bowl by my apartment entrance and I had forgotten all about it. Now it has seen the light and I think the results are pretty good minus that the film seems to be very grainy.

These photos were taken during my trip to Italy and France that happened earlier this year in April. I used a black and white film that was originally made or re-branded by Holga. I originally purchased it at Urban Outfitters for dirt cheap but I the only place I can find it now is online on amazon at this next link Holga Black and White Film, ISO 400.

These photos were taken without a flash and mainly outdoors. I also did not have the light meter working as the camera was working manually with no batteries.   The lens on the camera was a Takumar 55mm 1:2. Though this is not a big camera or lens it’s heavy metal body did make it seem very heavy by the end of the day.

Black and White 35mm Film

I took some photos of the St. Peters Basilica, but I liked one photo that I took inside of a statue that was surrounded in darkness, but had a ray of light highlighting it.

The above photos were taken in Rome and these last two near Bordeaux, France. We had the pleasure of visiting a Chateau Vineyard that had a great wine tasting.

Black and White 35mm Film Black and White 35mm FilmI think that I could have calculated to have some of my pictures have less light and it would have lessened the look of the grain, but overall I go some okay shots in. The Honewell SP1000 was a great camera to use and maybe one day I’ll get around to opening the stuck battery compartment and have some use of the light meter. Hope you enjoyed.



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  1. lyle61 September 17, 2015

    Black & white is just right…out of sight,nice pics.


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