A Day in The Bay in Black and White

I don’t spend as much time as I should in actual San Francisco as I should. I feel like just driving across the Bay Bridge from Oakland to SF is just too much for me and just thinking about the toll and traffic makes me angry. This is why I have been making a little more of an effort to try to spend more time stepping out of my little area and exploring the greater places around me.

Earlier in the year I went out with a ton of cameras and took some great pics along the Golden Gate Bridge and the surrounding area. I took the Yashica-A and managed to take both color and black and white photos. I have yet to develop the color, but here are the black and white ones that I think came out best. It was a somewhat clear day on the San Francisco side of the bay so I think the pictures came out pretty sharp.

San Francisco Bay

Okay I changed my mind after looking at these pictures again. It was a little bit foggy, but it was late summer so what are you going to do. It seems to be ALWAYS foggy here.

Since the Yashica-A let’s you have the ability (or maybe it’s more of a curse for some people) to take double exposures I decided that trying to combine the shots of the sail boat and the Golden Gate would be a great idea. I thought that the nice lonely shot of the sailboat would look great being in or around the busy bridge.

Double Exposure

Well you can kinda see the boat going through the bridge, which I am surprised I was able to line it up so well, but it was unfortunately a little bit too overexposed and you can hardly see it.  I do like how the hills from the sail boat exposure are more prominent and seem like ghosts on the top of the bridge. I have only used the camera a few times so I am still getting used to how well its settings work.

Golden Gate Bridge

I still can’t believe the sharpness that this very old “budget” version of a camera can provide. There is so much detail in the photo just in the foliage in the foreground.

Even in a somewhat dark setting under the bridge the image came out bright and clear with no blurriness without the aid of a tripod of super steady surface.

Last are these somewhat abstract pictures of some flowers and a bush. To me they came out looking like the photos that you wind up putting in your bathroom as they are very neutral but you could look at them for a long time….

…Anyways, if you like this camera and want to read more about it you can read up on my review of the Yashica-A at the link below

Yashica-A Camera Review

If you are more interested in the film that I used and would like to purchase some for yourself please click on the link below.

Ilford Delta Pro 100  Black and White Film


  1. andrewdoweyphoto January 13, 2017

    I totally agree with you on the last shot of the flowers, I found myself just staring at that photograph for a very very long time. Nice work 🙂

    • Adriana January 13, 2017

      Thank you! I’m really glad that you agree 🙂


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