An Extended Holiday to the Eastern Hemisphere

Kodak Ektar 100 Film - Thailand

This spring I had the fortunate opportunity to travel to 4 different countries for a little over a month. I purchased a few rolls of Kodak Ektar 100 Professional exclusively to use while I was abroad. I used the film with my Canon AE-1 Program. I mainly took photos in bright outside settings as it was late summer and just extremely hot in most of the places that I visited. I only used one lens which was 75-150mm.

The first country that I visited was New Zealand. We drove along the cost of the North Island and hiked along the beach near Cathedral Cove. I am not sure what happened, but I must have insert the film wrong or something as I got alot of unexpected multi exposure shots for some reason. I still think they looked kinda cool though.


We then drove further inland to where they filmed The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit. It’s a place called Hobbiton and located on a farm and is maintained as a tourist attraction. The parts of The Shire were shot here with it’s rolling hills and serene setting. You can also get a beer at the Green Dragon 🙂 I got some of the best photos from my trip at this place and I would highly recommend it for anyone visiting New Zealand.


Next we went to Australia and mainly stayed in Melbourne and drove around to different parts of Victoria. We included a quick trip of hiking through parts of The Grampians National Park. It was a little bit more chilly here as it was starting to be early fall. I saw alot of new and interesting animals while in Australia (minus the chickens) so I was really trying to take some photos of them. It helped that I had a little bit of a zoom lens so I wasn’t spooking them away.

Most of the days that I was using the camera were overcast so I think it caused my pictures to seem more dull and not as bright as on sunlit days.


When we went to Malaysia I really didn’t take my 35mm with me as much. The camera is on the heavy side and we did a lot of hiking, so I did not want to strain myself. So here is a typical jumping in the air in front of a landmark iPhone picture, that was snapped in front of the Batu Caves near Kuala Lumpur. 

Okay, I managed to snap a few pictured of the Petronas Twin Towers in Kuala Lumpur with my Canon, but that was about it.


Last but not least we traveled to Thailand and explored some island locations like the Phi Phi Islands and then we traveled inland to Chiang Mai and to Bangkok. I mainly took pictures on the beach which came out overexposed, I was just not paying as much attention as I should of to my light meter. I think I was just too excited and I really wanted to be swimming all the time.

I also took some night time photos with on the Kodak Ektar film, which is not really what is it is made for, but I think I held the camera steady enough for some good shots. I also took some shots with Cinestill Tungsten 800 film that I want to compare with and see what the difference is, so keep a look out for that blog post soon.

It was a great trip over all and I was glad that I was able to take one of my 35mm cameras. I only packed one backpack and a tiny carry-on luggage for the trip so I really was not about to bring many things. At one point we had to carry our luggage over our head and throw it into a boat so I was glad that I didn’t bring anything bigger.

I really enjoyed using the Kodak Ektar Film extensively and seeing how the film came out in different lighting conditions. If you have any interest in using this type of film yourself checkout the links below where you can purchase if from Amazon.

(One) Kodak Ektar 100 Professional ISO 100, 35mm, 36 Exposures, Color Negative Film

(Pack of 5) Kodak Ektar 100 Professional ISO 100, 35mm, 36 Exposures, Color Negative Film

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