Boston Marathon 2013 Tragedy

Yesterday I started off the day somewhat bummed that I had to go to work and that I really hadn’t thought about taken the day off to go see the Marathon. I have lived in Boston and Cambridge for over 6 years and have never gone to see it. I generally work for small businesses that never take the Patriot’s Day Holiday.  I guess it was a blessing in disguise for yesterday. My thoughts an prayers go out for the victims of the bombings and I hope that they find and bring to justice the people that are responsible.

In homage to Boston I am posting some photos that I have taken with some of my analog cameras. I hope to show the beauty and strength that this town possess and how it will continue to stand tall despite all that has happened.

Picture of Copley Square from in front of the Copley Statue. Taken on PX680 Color Protection Film with a Polaroid Impulse Camera

Christian Science Center

Christian Science Center near the Prudential taken on FP-100C Fujifilm with a Pack Film Polaroid Camera

Charles River from the Boston side

The Charles River with sale boats taken on FP-3000B Fujifilm with a Polaroid Pack Film Camera

Street Near Symphony Hall

Area near Symphony Hall taken on FP-100C Fujifilm on a Polaroid Pack Film Camera

Mark off of Newbury Street

Mark Enjoying a day of shopping with me on Newbury Street. Taken with a Diana Mini.

Backbay Staircase

Stunning Staircase I saw going through the back streets of Back Bay in Boston. Taken with a Diana Mini Lomography Camera.

Back Bay

Picture taken of some Back Bay buildings. Taken on a Holga 35mm camera.

Trinity Church in Copley Square

Trinity Church standing tall in Copley Square. Taken on a 35mm Holga camera.

Foggy Financial District

Looking on to the State Street building through my Car. Taken on a 35mm Holga Camera.


If you would like to lend a helping hand to people that have been affected and are in the Boston area you can donate blood through Red Cross, otherwise they are also accepting donations.

You can find some of the film that I used in my Etsy Shop.

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