Fujifilm Discontinues FP-100C Peel Apart Film

So the past few days have been kinda sad in that I heard that Fujifilm has decided to discontinue its FP-100C Peel Apart Color Film. It is the last peel apart film that it is still being produced, as the black and white version was discontinued a few yeas ago. This is going to cause a huge number of great cameras to become obsolete such as Colorpacks, the 100-400 series, Mini Portraits and Andy’s Warhol’s favored Polaroid Big Shot 🙁

FP-100C Fujifilm - Color FIlm

FP-100C is an amazing film, and I have been using it for many years. I have used it for photography projects and to test cameras that I have refurbished to resell to new and eager owners. The film comes in a pack of ten and is the size of 85(W) x 108(H)mm and produces a 73(W) x 95(H)mm image. It is a peel apart film in that after a period of time you peel the picture apart. One side has your instant photo and the other reveals a negative. It has been used in the past for passport and ID’s photos and most recently by younger people newly discovering analog photography.

Fujifilm made the announcement on February 29, 2016 on their Japanese site explaining that sales have continued to plummet from year to year. They plan to continue shipment of the product until Spring 2016.  I really have a hard time believing that sales have continued to declined considering the resurgence of people discovering the charm of using older cameras. Maybe it’s just in the US, but in my Etsy shop I was constantly selling out of my modified Polaroid Pack Film Cameras.

 Below are some of my favorite moments I have been able to capture on FP-100C.

I have also used the Polaroid Big Shot and got the below shot of my man, as well as myself on an off day 😉

I have also collected a variety multi lens cameras that were used for ID’s and passports and taken the below pics. I think they would be great to use as a cheap photo booth alternative…

Since the announcement film prices have already started to increase. The cost on Amazon.com has risen from $10.99 last week to $29 today.  In a last effort to try to reach out to Fujifilm the photography community has started a petition on Change.org for the film to stay in production. You can sign it at the below link.

Save Fujifilm FP100C Instant Film

A hashtag of #savefp100c has been made to create awareness of the loss. Please share it with your own Fujifilm Peel-Apart photos on all your social media outlets! Hopefully we can make a difference.


  1. John V March 8, 2016

    The petition has over 11,000 signatures. If anyone wants it them to reconsider (or at least consider selling equipment to someone else so they can manufacure them instead of throwing it away), SIGN THE PETITION)!!!

  2. behindthereddoor March 4, 2016

    I’m honestly so bummed! I have a couple of cameras that use FP-100C/3000B. I’m going to bulk buy what’s left of it and hope for the best. x

    Erin | beingerin.com

    • Adriana March 5, 2016

      I know!! It’s so depressing 🙁 Hopefully many people sign the petition and it can make a difference.

  3. David Church March 4, 2016

    Sorry to hear this; Older technology lives on as long as you can purchase the consumable items; this will mark the end of the colorpack cameras


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