Herbert George Co. Imperial Box Camera

Herbert Gerorge Co.

The Herco Imperial Camera was made by the Herbert George Company, which was based Chicago, Illinois. The camera was probably mass produced in 1951. It is made out of black Bakelite and has a silver metal face plate.  It was made to take No. 620 film and could up to 12 snap shots. It was introduced to consumers at a reasonable price of $3.99 so that it was affordable to most households. It was manufactured in several variations of printed face plates and molds, most notably a Roy Rogers version with the image of  Roy on a bucking horse and the words Roy Rogers spelled out below the lens by his lasso.

I have been able to get my hands on two of these cameras one being in excellent condition and the other being very neglected. I was able to score the pristine one in a vintage shop in South Boston for $5 after haggling a bit, and the other off of Ebay for a bit more.  I have added some other various angles of the camera below.

620 Film Camera

Herco Imperial Camera

620 Film Camera620 Film Camera









Inside of Herco Imperial Camera

Image of the Inside of a Herco Imperial Camera

Though this camera takes 620 film which has been discontinued for a long time I have seen on that many people have respooled 120 film on to old 620 spools and have been able to use this camera again. Looking thought Flickr and Lomography.com I can see that the camera produces nice hazy dream like pictures that are hazy on the edges. Old 620 spools pop up on Ebay all the time, so I am sure it wouldn’t be hard to give new life to this little camera.

Manufacturer: Herbert George Co.
Year: ~1951
Shutter: ~ 1/60
Lens: f/11
Film: 620


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