INDIEGOGO – CineStill 120 Medium Format Film

If you have been following my blog pretty regularly you probably have seen that when I review roll film based cameras I recommend getting cool new film such as stuff being currently made by CineStill. I have purchased a few rolls of their 50 Daylight film, but have yet to have it developed. So stay tuned for that review later in the month. More to the point, I saw that at the beginning of this month CineStill put up a campaign through Indiegogo so that they can start to manufacture their film in 120 medium format film.

As with their 35mm version it will be made with the same type of motion picture cinema film.  The first batches are mainly the 800T emulsion with the option of the 50Daylight if certain stretch goals are met.  The 800T produces great photos in which you can really see the grain. It is rated ISO 200-2000 and can be pushed to 3000 according to their website. Their proprietary “Premoval” process makes motion picture film safe to process in standard C-41 lab chemicals or at home.

Adam Goldberg 6×6 CineStill

Nicole L. Hill 6×7 CineStill

Stephen DeVries 6×7 CineStill

As of today there are only 8 days left to contribute and all of the early bird perks are sold out, but there are still plenty of other choices left to get to still try the film. I am personally eyeing the “Little Leica 4 Eyes” Pack as it comes with four 35mm rolls and 1 new 120 film. I have many more 35mm cameras than I do 120 medium format :p  I enjoy supporting efforts like these so that people and other companies know that there is still a demand for film and new types of films should continue to be made.  You can buy the 35mm version of Cinestill film directly from the website. also has the CINESTILL Color 800T Tungsten Film with free shipping if you have Prime.

If you are interested in trying out the 120 Medium Format film please show your support through the link below!

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