Kickstarter – Do You Wood Film?

Every once in awhile I look through Kickstarter to see if there are any worth while projects to take part in. I like to highlight the ones that I like that have to do with analog photography such as the Pop-Up Pinhole Project and the ONDU Pinhole Cameras that I have talked about in the past. Last week I found a Kickstarter that is trying to manufacturer Eco-friendly 35 mm film canisters and packaging. The company is called compagnia-imago and they are making the canisters out of a combination of PLA (polylactic acid) and wood or bamboo. They also claim that the canisters are reusable and you can spool your own film on them once the current film is used up. These projects make me happy in knowing there are others out there that are continuing the make film relevant and coming up with new ideas.

The project is looking for a goal of about $29,000 which they need to fill by October 6th, so they have a long way to go as of right now, but I hope that they succeed. I think it’s a good idea to have them as a supplier for other film companies as an option for photographers if they are interested in going green. I think they would be great to pair with like diy pinhole cameras that are made out of recycled material and cardboard that you can later recycle as well.


The rewards that they offer that include an eco-canister start at a cost of about $10 for one eco-canister that you can choose (either natural wood or bamboo), a corn seed and a button that says “I’m a green photographer”. The rewards increase from there into more canisters with different film types. The film that they are placing inside the first rewards is a black and white film called Polypan F. It comes with about 25 exposures per roll and has a very fine grain with a wide exposure latitude. The natural wood canister will come with a 200 ISO and the bamboo canister will have a 400 ISO.  There is one reward that comes with 4 eco-canisters with color negative film that is 200 ISO and 25 exposures.


The company is based out of Italy and their pricing is originally in Euros but is converted into USD. I invested in the Combo Pack that came with one natural and one bamboo canister for about $21. I think the film and the eco-canisters would make great gifts for analog photographers that are also green. Even if they are not the packages are very unique and look boutique like, they can also be considered like high end film. It would be great to see these being sold in those cutesy useless stores that sell nothing that you need but everything you want :).  Anyways, you can visit compagnia-imago’s Kickstarter page at the link below and get the whole scoop.

Kickstarter – Do You Wood Film?

Best wishes to them to meet their goal and I hope to see their product on the market soon.


Just a small update on the Do You Wood Film Kickstarter.  Although the campaign did not meet their financial goal the project has still lived on!  You can now order various types of film and sustainable canisters from their new website below.

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