Kickstarter – New55 Color 4×5 Peelapart Film

So if you have been reading my blog for some amount of time then you know that Fujifilm discontinued making it’s pull apart earlier this year in February. Making thousand of vintage cameras obsolete and into large paper weights 🙁 You can read more about my at the below linked post

Fujifilm Discontinues FP-100C Peel Apart Film

There was a petition and letters sent to Fujifilm to no avail. But a company called New55 started a Kickstarter to essentially bring back the film and that is what this post is all about. I know this is last minute, but time ran away from me and I was not able to post sooner. I just wanted to briefly recommend contributing to their campaign to try to keep peel apart film alive and save millions of cameras. The film they are currently developing is 4×5 peel apart that can be used with Polaroid 545 backs.

The campaign is looking for a goal of $400,000 and is currently only at about $116,000. They have a long way to go and only a few days left (Friday November 18th). I contributed for a box of film which is expensive at $75, but I imagine once they have a equipment and facility the costs will come down. I think they currently hand assemble everything which is slow and costly. They talk on Kickstarter that once they have mastered the 4×5 peel apart film then they can start to work on the development of pack film.

NEW55 Peel Apart Film

I hope people consider buying some of their film or going higher if you have the means and look into their developing kits. Maybe people would love some film as gifts 😉 and you can stock up for Christmas. It would be a shame if we lost the ability of never being able to produce this film again. Although pack film is not a direct reward here, you will be helping to help keep it alive and support a company that may be able produce it again.

New55 Kickstarter

If you have any interest in contributing or finding out more information about the New55 Color 4×5 peel apart film please visit the website link below

Kickstarter – New55 4×5 Peelapart Film

You can also check out their other products and history at their proper website.

New55 Website




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