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I generally give Kickstarter a good look through on their app with my iPhone every few weeks. I try to limited my consumption of Kickstarter because I would be broke otherwise with my wanting to fund all sorts of neat projects. Anyways I found a new pinhole camera project that is similar to Kelly Angood’s pop-out DIY camera. This project was created by Elvis Halilović who is an industrial designer and carpenter by trade. He has designed a range of six wooden lens-less pinhole cameras that work with both 35mm and 120 film and take Leica format pictures and panoramic depending on the camera you want.

Supporters can pledge at the minimum a $1 to receive a .jpg pinhole image that has been taken with one of the camera for personal use. The next pledges are for actual cameras that originally started at $50 as an early bird pledge for the ONDU 135 Pocket Camera. There were only 100 so it has since sold out at the $50 price, but you can still pledge $60 if you are still interested in the same camera. Priced increase from here all the way up to $550 if you are interested in all 6 cameras, one of which is a 4″ x 5″ large format pinhole camera.

All of his cameras produce dreamy images that we have known to come from pinhole photography.

ONDU Pinhole Photography

Panorama_35_2_913All camera pledges will come supplied with exposure charts for the most common films that you can use. This will take out much of the guess work that goes into capturing the best images and resulting in better use of your film.

135 ONDU Pinhole Camera

There are still 15 days left to support Elvis Halilović’s project, so I would jump in ASAP if you are interested. I have yet to support the project, as I am currently very broke, but I will hopefully raise enough money before the project ends. If you are interested in more information on the project please visit the ONDU Kickstarter Project page as well as their main website.

Kickstarter Page



*Images from the ONDU Kickstarter page and their main website.

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