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I was looking through my emails yesterday and found and interesting Kickstarter project that was highlighted in their email that they send out so often. Kelly Angood from London has started up a fund to have her medium format camera design be an easy to put together cardboard cut out kit. The camera has no lens and works as a pinhole camera projecting the image onto medium format film.

The 120 Pinhole ProjectThat being said, I just found out that she has cancelled her project due to fear of copyright infringement. It looks like she is not in a position to be able to handle something like that at this time and would like to avoid it if possible.  It’s a a shame since she had received over £22,000 in support money, in a relatively short amount of time.

Photo taken with one of her homemade pinhole cameras.

Photo taken with one of her homemade pinhole cameras.

Angood has said in her update that she is currently planning on making a new camera design that is all her own, but works in the same way. She claims that she will hopefully have another Kickstarter project up and ready in about a months time, and have the camera kit ready for delivery in November (same delivery time as her original camera).  I am looking forward to her new camera and hopefully be able to support it within the first 200 pledges so I can be able to snatch up a neat camera for about £25 (plus £10 to ship outside the UK). You can keep updated on both the cancelled Kickstarter page or on her tumblr page. You can also drop her a line at if you would like for her to notify you when her new camera is ready.

Kickstarter Page

Tumblr Page

Angood has also at one point made a DIY 35mm pinhole camera that you could printout and assemble yourself, which was the inspiration for this project. I was not able to find the printout, as all of the links that use to point to a pdf no longer work, but I was able to find the video on how to put it all together.  It gives me a small idea of what is to come and the effort that she put into her original camera.

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