Kickstarter: The Pop-Up Pinhole Project

The Pop-Up Pinhole ProjectThe time has finally come that Kelly Angood has resurrected her cutout pinhole camera project again! After having to cancel her first Kickstarter project due to the possibility of  legal action that might be taken over the design of her original camera, she has created a brand new design in the time span of less than a month.  Her new camera is called the Videre, and it is a medium format pinhole camera that she specifically created by keeping in mind the community of pinhole camera lovers in mind.

The camera will be a do it yourself kit that will be printed on to thick cardboard stock. You can then pop out all the pieces and assemble the camera yourself learning about the pinhole style of photography in the process.

The Pop-Up Pinhole ProjectThe delivery date for the camera is currently set for November 2013, so as she says herself it would make an excellent Christmas gift for budding photographers or students that are interested in learning about photography.

As a bonus for backers that purchase the kit, Angood is also working on a 35mm printout version of the camera to be available as a free printout around the July time frame.  This gives backers the ability to have 2 camera designs for the price of one.

If you would like to back her project you still can at her KickStarter page below:

The Pop-Up Pinhole Project

You can also follow her progress on her Tumblr page:

Pinhole Tumblr

Below is a video on some of her screen printing for the Videre camera.

Images were taken with Kelly Angood’s Kickstarter page.

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