Meath, Ireland – The Holga Version

Meath Irealnd Holga

A few years ago I attended a wedding in Meath County, Ireland. I had never really visited the area before, and while we were there we explored other places in the area such as Slane Castle and Newgrange. I never got to see the inside of Newgrange, because there was such a long list and I wasn’t there early enough 🙁 Obviously the sites were gorgeous and green so I tried to capture it with my little trusty Holga.

Although we were there in the summer time, it rains alot in Ireland so most of the pictures that I captured were when it was overcast. Slane Castle was great, plus we were able to score ourselves a bottle of their made on the premise Whiskey.

Newgrange one day I will see your wonderful insides, but for now your outsides will have to do.

The wedding venue was a cute little Abbey and I wish I had taken more photos of it.



It has been some time since these photos were taken, so I am a little fuzzy on the details. I think that they were taken with Lomography Earl Grey 35mm film, but I could be wrong. If you are interested you can find it at with free shipping if you have Prime. You can also find the type of Holga that I used HERE.

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