Polaroid Graduation at Smith College

Smith College on PX70 Film

This past weekend one of my best friends finally graduated from Smith College. I personally graduated from Smith a few years ago so it was a fun experience to go back and relive graduation without it really being a reunion year.  We had good time going to Illumination Night and going to the ceremony the next day with Arianna Huffington as the speaker.

I decided to take a nicely re-skinned folding Sonar SX-70 with me and some PX70 Color Protection Film from The Impossible Project. The camera was having some issues with the rollers and the Sonar is out of wack. I did manage to fix the rollers a bit by pressing the apart with my finger so the Polaroids were no longer getting stuck, but I had to use the camera in manual mode the whole time due to the Sonar issue. Nevertheless I was able to take some amazing photos with it.  Below is my said camera which I managed to re-skin myself!

Sonar SX-70 Polaroid CameraThough it is the end of May the temperature was still pretty cool that all of the pictures were able to develop without me having to do anything extra.  I just avoided the Polaroids having direct sunlight on them when they were ejected from the camera.  Hope you enjoy!

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The Button Polaroid Land Camera Review

The Button Polaroid

The Button

The super cute SX-70 The Button camera was I believe first manufactured in 1981 for about the cost of $30. It has an off white colored body and a light grey face plate with the words The Button in cute white typeface lettering on the right front part of the camera below the lens.  it’s main features are that it has a light meter knob and a socket on the top to take flash bars.  This camera can sometimes be found in stock in my Etsy Shop or you can also find them on Ebay.com and in thrift shops. Since it is somewhat “newer” than a lot of other Polaroid Cameras it tends to be in good shape. The main problem that I tend to see when I get these types of cameras is that the socket for the flash bars no longer works or the light meter sensor no longer works. It is most disappointing to find that the light meter no longer works. All of your Polaroids usually come out overexposed, but you generally don’t find out this is the problem until about 3 photos later which have basically all been wasted. I will put a post up on that later that shows how you can tell with using just an empty cartridge that still has battery life and a flashlight.

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Impossible Project Film and the Heat of Summer

Orange Polaroid


The Color Protection Film is some of the latest and greatest film that The Impossible Project has made. It is amazing that we no longer have to shield the Polaroid from light once it has come out of the camera. Although their film is still in its early development stages and I glad that they have been able to progress so far in this amount of time. As of right now the Color Protection film only comes in color, but it is currently being made for 600, SX-70 and Spectra model cameras. You no longer have to shield it from light and it develops in about 40 minutes.

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Blue with Yellow Accents Polaroid 600 Camera

Blue and Yellow Polaroid 600 Camera

The blue Polaroid 600 camera with yellow accents is one of the more modern version of the 6oo Polaroid cameras. It was made in the late 90’s to early 00’s. It has a plastic body that is a midnight blue in color with bright caution yellow accents in the shutter, “close-up” lens knob, and light management slider. This camera can sometimes be found in stock in my Etsy Shop or you can also find them on Ebay and in thrift shops. Since they are somewhat “newer” than a lot of other Polaroid Cameras they tend to be in good shape. The main problem that I tend to see when I get these types of cameras are stuck shutter buttons and broken straps, so check that out first if you are able.

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Boston Marathon 2013 Tragedy

Yesterday I started off the day somewhat bummed that I had to go to work and that I really hadn’t thought about taken the day off to go see the Marathon. I have lived in Boston and Cambridge for over 6 years and have never gone to see it. I generally work for small businesses that never take the Patriot’s Day Holiday.  I guess it was a blessing in disguise for yesterday. My thoughts an prayers go out for the victims of the bombings and I hope that they find and bring to justice the people that are responsible.

In homage to Boston I am posting some photos that I have taken with some of my analog cameras. I hope to show the beauty and strength that this town possess and how it will continue to stand tall despite all that has happened.

Picture of Copley Square from in front of the Copley Statue. Taken on PX680 Color Protection Film with a Polaroid Impulse Camera

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Kickstarter: The Pop-Up Pinhole Project

The Pop-Up Pinhole ProjectThe time has finally come that Kelly Angood has resurrected her cutout pinhole camera project again! After having to cancel her first Kickstarter project due to the possibility of  legal action that might be taken over the design of her original camera, she has created a brand new design in the time span of less than a month.  Her new camera is called the Videre, and it is a medium format pinhole camera that she specifically created by keeping in mind the community of pinhole camera lovers in mind.

The camera will be a do it yourself kit that will be printed on to thick cardboard stock. You can then pop out all the pieces and assemble the camera yourself learning about the pinhole style of photography in the process.

The Pop-Up Pinhole ProjectThe delivery date for the camera is currently set for November 2013, so as she says herself it would make an excellent Christmas gift for budding photographers or students that are interested in learning about photography.

As a bonus for backers that purchase the kit, Angood is also working on a 35mm printout version of the camera to be available as a free printout around the July time frame.  This gives backers the ability to have 2 camera designs for the price of one.

If you would like to back her project you still can at her KickStarter page below:

The Pop-Up Pinhole Project

You can also follow her progress on her Tumblr page:

Pinhole Tumblr

Below is a video on some of her screen printing for the Videre camera.

Images were taken with Kelly Angood’s Kickstarter page.

The Polaroid Color Pack II Camera

Polaroid Colorpack II CameraThe Color Pack II is a in the family of rigid plastic body cameras that were made as cheaper version than the Polaroid 100-400 series cameras that had folding bellows. This camera was first produced by Polaroid in 1969 and was discontinued in 1972. The original cost was right under $30 making it very affordable for the everyday consumer market. You can find these cameras relatively cheap online and in thrift or vintage shops today. They are somewhat old so their shape is always questionable.

Some of the first things to look for in a Polaroid Colorpack II Camera is if there is any corrosion in the battery compartment, which you can check by opening up the camera from the back. There is a metal latch that you can pop up that lets you open it up. Small amounts of corrosion may be cleanable, but I have seen batteries that explode or leak and then corrode entirely making them impossible to even take out of the camera from the holder. I would definitely pass on these if you see this is the case, they are unusable.  Since Colorpack II’s are also almost entirely made out of plastic I would stay away from ones that are cracked or chipped. Any small bump or fall can then cause the entire camera to come apart.

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Mail Goodies

Lomography Phone Film Scanner

Today was a great day to receive mail. I had just gotten back from lunch to discover a nice little box from Lomography waiting at my desk. I ordered their Smartphone Film Scanner and some 110 color pocket film, and a review of both  are to come soon.  You can purchase both at Lomography.com

Happy Thursday!

Julep – March 2013 It Girl Maven Box Review

This month’s Julep box was a little different for me as I went with the It Girl box instead of my usual Boho Glam. I was not as interested in the beauty products so I took having 3 nail colors instead of the lotion that they were offering. Each month you receive a goodie box of Julep products that consist of 2 nail polishes plus another item that can either be another nail polish or a beauty item such a a lotion or mascara. The items are promised to be a value of $40 or more. The items that are sent to you are based on a quiz that you take that makes you out to be one of four categories. You are sent an email the 20th of each month that gives you a preview of what is coming next month and you have between the 24-27th to change what you would like to another of the categories, send it to a friend or simply cancel that month. On top of the subscription you receive 20% off all of their items and free shipping for being a member and every month you can have add on’s to your box for a low as $5.

So as I mentioned before this month they sent 3 nail colors plus a surprise extra of strawberry lip balm. Julep It Girl Maven Box SONY DSC

The colors that were featured in the It Girl box were Simone, which was a lillac color, Shenae, a minty green shimmery color and Teri, a soft pastel coral color. All of them were a pastel chalky kind of pallet that are perfect for spring.

Value: $14 eachWrapped Nail Polish from JulepJulep It Girl Colors for March

The bonus beauty item this month was a very practical strawberry flavored pink tinted lip balm. It is a nice size, but thin enough to be able to able to carry around with you, either stashed in your purse or in your pocket. It goes on very creamy and keeps your lips super moist. I used it one day walking around Boston and it was very nice to have handy.

Value: $6

Julep Strawberry Lip Balm

Julep Strawberry Lip Balm

This was a good box with colors that are pleasing to the eye and a useful beauty product that I will actually use. The value of the box came out to about $48 which is worth the cost of the subscription.

I have tried using the Simone and Shenae colors on my nails, but I am finding them to be very goupy and hard to control. I actually gave up on the Simone because I was always getting built up areas of polish. The Shanae was better, but still the same consistency. I was able to get a good coat below and I finished it off with the Julep Freedom Polymer Coat on top! Perfect for St. Paddy’s day coming up.

Julep Shenae Nail Polish Color

Julep Shenae Nail Polish Color

Please see other Julep reviews here!

If you like this post and really want to join please use the link below to subscribe to give me some credit! It would be greatly appreciated!

The Diana F+ and the Diana Instant Back+

Diana Instant Back+

I have had my Diana Instant Back+ for about a year now, and I have to say it is a really neat accessory.  I actually have used my Diana F+  more with the Instant Back than with actual 120 film. The first time that I used it was in Ireland while trekking around the country in our rental car. I was able to get some fantastic shots with the pleasure of having them instantly in your hand. My only problem was that I forgot to buy batteries before the trip and we had to scramble across tiny towns looking for an obscure type of battery.

Anyways I just wanted to post a quick tutorial on the use of the back with your Diana F+ camera. In my experience I received the box with the Instant Back and right away wanted to use it, though there weren’t clear instructions to me on what needed to be done. I’m not sure if I lost the manual or what, I can’t really remember, but your first step if to open up you camera and remove the back as if you were going to put in some film. Inside you will see the 120 spool where you film winds on to, as well as a small bracket at the bottom of the camera that holds the spool and the film in place. You may also have a square frame inside depending on how you were having your film turn out in terms of sizing. You need to take all of these components out of the camera as they are not really needed to take the photos and my cause issues in your shots. Keep all of these items in a safe place, as you will have to put them back if you want to use film again.

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