Trouble Shooting: White Spots in Polaroid Film

So I work alot with Impossible Project Film and their last batch has been fantastic. As you can see in all the Polaroids the colors are amazing minus the fact that they all had a row of white spots going across them. I was out picking apples that day with a friend that had come into Texas so I wanted to use my whole box of film in the nice sunny fall weather. I was so sad when they pictures started to come out with dots since I really hadn’t dealt with it before.  I was busy picking the apples and enjoying myself so I didn’t look into it too much and just kept snapping photos.

Impossible Project PX680


Impossible Project PX680

Impossible Project PX680

Impossible Project PX680

Later I got home and I was able to figure it out. Apparently in the first shot that was taken the little pouch of chemicals  at the bottom of the Polaroid burst. These chemicals are spread across the Polaroid with the rollers as it ejects to cause the development reaction. So the pouch burst causing some of the gunk to get on to the rollers causing them to now be uneven. (I simulated this “gunk” in the pictures with toothpaste because I didn’t take pictures at the time.) Now every time a Polaroid was taken the gunk would leave an indent every few cm as it was being pushed out through the rollers. The indent caused the chemicals to not really get spread correctly in the spot causing it to be white. whomp whomp.

So I have learned to make sure that your rollers are clean in your Polaroid Cameras! This goes across the board for most types including, SX-70, 600, Spectra and pack cameras. If they aren’t clean they will cause your picture to have undeveloped or incorrectly developed spots. You can simply use a little bit of cotton or a Qtip and go over them with some rubbing alcohol.

Super Clean Rollers!

Although this is a way to try to prevent these spots from happening it does create a kinda cool affect that you can only get from this type of analog photography. I am still happy the way the images came out at the end and now think they are pretty neat. Maybe you can experiment with globs in different places and create a pattern effect.

I hope you enjoyed this little trouble shooting session based on my experiences. I hope to keep them coming every so often and help others out before they make the same mistakes 🙂  Drop me a line if you are having some Polaroid camera issues and if I am able to address them and write about them.

Impossible Project PX680

Until Next Time!!

Umba Box – November Review

I have recently got into this kick where I am obsessed with subscription boxes. In the last 2 months I have managed to subscribe to 3.  They are currently for Umba Box, Julep and for Popsugar Must Have. Yesterday I received my second Umba Box which contains handmade goodies. The says that they will send you 2-3 modern and whimsical handmade products every month. The cost is about $25 a month plus  shipping and they claim to give you at least $25 worth of items. I subscribed for 3 months during a deal where they offered 1 month free for a total of 4 months. The deal was done through their facebook page so I highly recommend that you connect with them to see what goodies they are offering.

So for the unveiling of the November Box you can see all the goodies inside in the above picture. This box contained 3 smaller items that consisted of candy, a hardback notebook and a set of clothed pins.


Starting with the biggest item the Notebook is very cute and it is made by To Boldly Fold. It is about 5 by 3.5″ in size and has a hard cover. Looking at both her stores on her website and Etsy I am not able to exactly price the value of this notebook. It seems to be a specially made order for Umbra, but based on her other items I would price this at about $18-20.

You can find her other items at the links below:

The next item was a set of 6 decorated clothes pins from Earth Cookie Creations. These are nice to have to hang maybe pictures or reminders on a string in your home. They also come with handy magnets on the back so you can stick them on your fridge or any other metal surface.  Too bad my fridge is not magnet, otherwise they would be been used there.  Based on her Etsy store, where she hand makes other paper items like pin wheels and note cards,  it looks like the cost of these clothes pins would be about $4.

You can find some of her other products in her Etsy store below:

Last but not least was this tiny bag The Caramel Jar. It contained 3  handmade and wrapped Fleur de Sel Caramels. The label claims that they are 8 oz, but it was more like 2-3 oz. Nonetheless these tasted amazing and were just enough to get you hooked. I gave a try to my boyfriend and he had to have a whole piece to himself. On comparing the size of the bag and what is in her Etsy shop, they are about the size of her wedding sample pack which has a value of $3.50.

You can see more of her creations in her Etsy shop below:

Overall this was a good box and total value came out to about $25. I think it was worth it considering you would have to pay shipping for any of the items, and it’s nice to get a mix of different things.

Can’t wait for the December Box!

Herbert George Co. Imperial Box Camera

Herbert Gerorge Co.

The Herco Imperial Camera was made by the Herbert George Company, which was based Chicago, Illinois. The camera was probably mass produced in 1951. It is made out of black Bakelite and has a silver metal face plate.  It was made to take No. 620 film and could up to 12 snap shots. It was introduced to consumers at a reasonable price of $3.99 so that it was affordable to most households. It was manufactured in several variations of printed face plates and molds, most notably a Roy Rogers version with the image of  Roy on a bucking horse and the words Roy Rogers spelled out below the lens by his lasso.

I have been able to get my hands on two of these cameras one being in excellent condition and the other being very neglected. I was able to score the pristine one in a vintage shop in South Boston for $5 after haggling a bit, and the other off of Ebay for a bit more.  I have added some other various angles of the camera below.

620 Film Camera

Herco Imperial Camera

620 Film Camera620 Film Camera









Inside of Herco Imperial Camera

Image of the Inside of a Herco Imperial Camera

Though this camera takes 620 film which has been discontinued for a long time I have seen on that many people have respooled 120 film on to old 620 spools and have been able to use this camera again. Looking thought Flickr and I can see that the camera produces nice hazy dream like pictures that are hazy on the edges. Old 620 spools pop up on Ebay all the time, so I am sure it wouldn’t be hard to give new life to this little camera.

Manufacturer: Herbert George Co.
Year: ~1951
Shutter: ~ 1/60
Lens: f/11
Film: 620


Minolta XG-9 35mm SLR Camera


The Minolta XG-9 35 mm SLR Camera was first produced around 1979. It takes regular 35mm film and is incredibly easy to handle. I took it with me to a trip to Ireland and it took fantastic pictures. I will add those pics in a later post.

357 / 303 / EPX 76 Batteries

I installed two (2) –  357/303 Energizer batteries that are each 1.55 V. I was able to buy the batteries at Walgreens so it should not be much trouble to find them. I believe you can also find them at Radio Shack under the number EPX76 and on Amazon at this link Energizer Silver Oxide Watch/Electronic Battery 357. These work with the Automatic setting pretty well as most of my shots taken with it came out great. Although since you are using an older camera and getting away from the digital I’m not sure how much you would want to rely on  it. Once the batteries are installed you can turn the camera to the on position and you will be able to crank the advanced level forward.


Looking through the viewfinder you can see the light meter and all the shutter speeds lined up on the right side.  If you are in Auto mode the red dots will light up on the right side of the shutter speed it thinks you will need on the aperture that you have set. you just need to lightly press on the shutter button for the lights to come on. If the red light reads at about 60 or less then I would worry about having blurry pictures and having to place the camera on a stable surface.

I took this camera to a concert and it was amazing. I took some long exposure shots, just while holding the camera up in the air and they still came out pretty well.In all I think that this is a pretty great camera and it is very portable for everyday use. Below is a selection of some of the pictures I was able to take with it. Hope you enjoy

Pictures taken with an MG-9 Minolta




First Post!!

Polaroid Land Camera

Pic of my 104 Polaroid Land Camera

This is my first post using wordpress. I am learning all of the features and seeing what I can do. I hope to be added alot more contact very soon!! I plan to having information concerning different types of vintage cameras as well as talking about everyday life including shopping and fashion, and eating. I will be changing the seem very soon and everything will be much more pleasing to the eye. I will support someone from Etsy probably and buy a premade theme. Hope I find one I like!



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