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I know it has been awhile since I put up a post on Lomography having a new film coming out called Lomochrome Purple that changed the color hues in the photos, mainly by turning green ones into purple. I finally had the chance to take quite a few photos using the 35mm film in a number of different cameras and I love the results. I think it gives pictures both a romantic and old world vibe.

My photos started back when I was living in Boston and I had a day off with friends that were visiting from out of town. We wound up walking to Fenway Park and hanging out in the Back Bay area of town. I used my Canon AE-1 Program for these shots which gave me amazing results.

One of my best friends also had me take some engagement photos of her. While most of the photos I took were with a DSLR, I did take a few with the Lomochrome film still in my Canon. They brought a little something different to their set of photos that I don’t think could have been recreated in the same way in Photoshop.

My other batch of film was taken using a toy Holga camera also in Boston, but now I focused taking photos along the Charles River and trying some double exposures.

The last set of photos were taken on my last trip to Ireland for a friends wedding. I took the two bottom photo of the same set of flowers once on automatic setting and the other I manually set the camera. The difference between the two photos are very different, but equally beautiful. The film was so great that even with the slight differences I was still able to capture decent shots and didn’t risk one being over exposed, but instead got a whole different range of colors.

Lomochrome lomogrpahy FilmLomochrome Purple

I loved using this film and I thought that it gave some great unexpected results. I am excited to continue to use it. In my experience it tended to come out a bit dark once processed, especially for the Holga camera, so I would maybe try to have as much light as possible.

Lomography has also come out with Lomochrome Turquoise film and I will hopefully be working with it as well. You can purchase both types of films at the links below:

Lomography Lomochrome Purple Film

Lomochrome Lomochrome Turquoise Film


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  1. lyle61 September 27, 2015

    You really know how to capture a self portrait… 2 pics in one… nice.


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