Review – The Camera Cooler Bag by Polar Outdoor Stuff

Camera Cooler Bag

In my infinite search for the perfect camera bag for finicky Impossible Project Film and various Polaroid cameras I think that I have found the perfect one. This is The Cooler Camera Bag that is manufactured by Polar Outdoor Stuff in Portland, Oregon. It is essentially a cooler and camera bag in one and comes with a removable insert with adjustable compartments. You can take out the insert and use the bag to carry around a six pack or other beverages.


Camera Cooler BagCamera Cooler Bag

I took the insert out of the bag so you can see it’s size and the different ways your can change up the compartments to accommodate what you would like to place inside.


Earlier in the month I brought the bag out with me on a hike and it was really great to carry. I could either have on my shoulder or extend the strap and essentially use it like a cross body bag making a little easier to handle. I slipped in some reusable ice packs and it kept everything inside pretty cold. It wasn’t very heavy and I liked that I could place my phone in the cute little front pocket. The bag itself is not waterproof or water tight so don’t put liquids and your expensive camera inside and not expect it to get wet on accident.

So the main reason I like this camera bag is it’s ability to keep what ever is inside cool. As I have explained in Impossible Project Film and The Heat of Summer, Impossible Project Polaroid Film does not like the heat. So this bag is perfect to keep it cool. I figured out a process on how to keep your film cool and not be in danger of getting condensation on it from the reusable ice packs. You can first take out the insert of bag and place an ice pack on the bottom of the bag.

Camera Cooler Bag SONY DSC


Place the insert back in the bag as well as the removable compartments so that your film packs aren’t tumbling around inside.

Camera Cooler Bag


I then placed my SX-70 folding camera in the side pocket. It was a little big for it, but not so bad. I find that if I place the camera inside with the ice pack it will cause your lens to fog up once you take it out of the bag.

Camera Cooler Bag

I love this bag and I think it’s going to be coming with me on many shooting and hiking adventures in the years to come. I chose the bag in black, but it comes in many different colors. I was torn between the black and the olive cooled bag, but ultimately thought that black goes with everything 😉

I first saw this camera bag on Photojojo and that is where I fell in love with it. I don’t think they still offer it, but you can still find the grey and orange version for slightly cheaper on Amazon and get free shipping with Prime, or you can find all the colors directly from the Poler Outdoor Stuff website at the links below.

Amazon – Poler Outdoor Stuff – Camera Cooler Bag 

Poler Outdoor Stuff Website – Camera Cooler Bag

Below are some of the Specifications taken from the Poler Outdoor Stuff website:

  • The Camera Cooler is 11″ x 6″ x 7″ inches for a total carrying capacity of over 7 liters.
  • 1000D Campdura body fabric and are lined with 420D nylon
  • Nylon webbing is seatbelt webbing, super high tensile strength
  • Our Cyclops logo is now embossed on all our snaps.
  • Our leather pull tabs have Campvibes embossed into them
  • The side pockets fit an iPhone and iPad perfectly

I hope you enjoyed my review of this camera bag. Let me know if you have any questions or if you find any other types of bags that might be of interest.

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