Sporty and Comfy in Rome

Sporty and Comfy in Rome


So here is my second fashion like post. I promise to be posting soon about some great 35mm cameras next time.

This outfit was worn on another jam packed day of site seeing in Rome. I decided to dress a little more comfy and wear sneakers and a sweatshirt. I loved the monochromatic look of mostly black and grey with a pop of color found in my sneakers. My Coach crossbody was once again great as it was easy to just have it on and not really have it be in the way.


As I mentioned in my last post. It’s April in Rome, and although it has been bright and sunny it was still a little chilly with the max temp being about 60 F. The Nike sweatshirt was great because it was somewhat cropped so I could wear it with my high waisted skirt. I also had the option of just taking it off it became too hot.

full sunny


I am currently obsessed with anything that has been created by the Nike x Liberty of London collaboration. These shoes are from a 2014 collection, but can still be found in certain places like eBay or Nike Clearance shops.



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  1. You didn’t show the option?It stayed cool?


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