Stroll Through Olvera Street

Canon AE-1 Program

In my line of work, which involves testing out multiple cameras at any given time as well as films, I am generally not sure how any of my photos are going to turn out. The camera might have a broken sensor or slow shutter and all my photos can be dark or over exposed. My film may be too expired to produce anything good or just become a completely weird color. So I have learned to always take along at least one true and tried camera from my collect. Generally if it is a local excursion or checked back kinda location I take my Canon AE-1 Program. It gives very reliable results and I understand how it works from years of working with it.

I took it recently to my first trip to LA and had it while we were walking along Olvera street. It was recommend as a touristy spot but still fun to explore. It was not disappointing and reminded me of a similar area from downtown San Antonio, TX where I am from.  I found that all the wonderfully colored stalls were great to photograph. I was able to work my 70-150 Lens to get some great shots (at least according to me lol).

I thought the little string dolls were kinda creepy at first, but they kind of grew on me and they were so detailed.

Olvera Street - Canon AE-1


The luchador wrestling masks were also fun to photograph and there were so many to choose from. Wish I had bought one no looking back. The day was incredibly sunny, but there was plenty of shade going through the small alley way. I kept the camera in Program mode for most of the pictures.

Olvera Street - Canon AE-1I hope to explore more of Los Angeles the next time I visit. I will be going more often since I now live much closer and have some friends that live there.

Hope you enjoyed!



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