Meath, Ireland – The Holga Version

Meath Irealnd Holga

A few years ago I attended a wedding in Meath County, Ireland. I had never really visited the area before, and while we were there we explored other places in the area such as Slane Castle and Newgrange. I never got to see the inside of Newgrange, because there was such a long list and I wasn’t there early enough 🙁 Obviously the sites were gorgeous and green so I tried to capture it with my little trusty Holga.

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Boston Marathon 2013 Tragedy

Yesterday I started off the day somewhat bummed that I had to go to work and that I really hadn’t thought about taken the day off to go see the Marathon. I have lived in Boston and Cambridge for over 6 years and have never gone to see it. I generally work for small businesses that never take the Patriot’s Day Holiday.  I guess it was a blessing in disguise for yesterday. My thoughts an prayers go out for the victims of the bombings and I hope that they find and bring to justice the people that are responsible.

In homage to Boston I am posting some photos that I have taken with some of my analog cameras. I hope to show the beauty and strength that this town possess and how it will continue to stand tall despite all that has happened.

Picture of Copley Square from in front of the Copley Statue. Taken on PX680 Color Protection Film with a Polaroid Impulse Camera

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