A Roll of LomoChrome Turquoise by Lomography

LomoChrome Turquoise 35mm film

I know I’ve been recommending Lomography’s LomoChrome films on some of my reviews, but had yet to post mush proof that I was using it. Yay so finally here are a few snaps that I took with the film. I have reviewed the LomoChrome Purple by Lomography here, and it produced some great interesting results. This is the LomoChrome Turquoise version of the film that was produced about a year later.

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Review – Lomochrome Purple Film by Lomography


I know it has been awhile since I put up a post on Lomography having a new film coming out called Lomochrome Purple that changed the color hues in the photos, mainly by turning green ones into purple. I finally had the chance to take quite a few photos using the 35mm film in a number of different cameras and I love the results. I think it gives pictures both a romantic and old world vibe.

My photos started back when I was living in Boston and I had a day off with friends that were visiting from out of town. We wound up walking to Fenway Park and hanging out in the Back Bay area of town. I used my Canon AE-1 Program for these shots which gave me amazing results.

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Polyvore : Lomography Wish List

I see tons of Polyvore collages all the time, and I just wanted to get into a little bit of the action. Instead of a super fashion spread, I just made a small collection of some of the items I most covet from Lomography. These are both out of pure want as some need. Maybe one day I can posses all of these wonderful items, but for now I can just make collages and lust…



Lomography Wish List

Lomography Lomochrome Purple

I was excited to read this morning about the new Lomography Film that is available for pre-order to be delivered by July 2013. It is called Lomochrome Purple 400 and comes in 35 mm and 120 formats.

New Lomography Purple Film

New Lomography Purple Film

The film works by changing green hues in photos into purple hues. It works almost like giving Infrared results , but it really is a color negative film with a shift in colors. There are no need for special filters and you just point and shoot, and can be developed in C-41 chemicals.  There will be a first batch that will be sold to pre-orders and then the film will go into mass production. This may give first time buyers a formula that may differ from the mass produced version and give them slightly different results, much like the Impossible Project and its test batches.

Lomochrome 400 vs. standard color negative

Lomochrome Purple 400 vs. Standard Color Negative


Lomochrome Purple 400 vs. Standard Color Negative

Lomochrome Purple 400 vs. Standard Color Negative

I am curious to shoot with the film, if only as a novelty for landscapes and such. I think it would be nice to get a pre-order in, but at 47.03 Euros ($64.00 USD) for a minimum of 5 rolls it is not all that cheap. Hopefully I will pull some money in for some rolls and put up my results here. If interested you can find more info at Lomography.com and you can pre-order some 35 mm here.

** Photos are from lomography.com

Update: Post on Review of Lomochrome Purple Film