Review – 50th Anniversary Sun 600 SE Polaroid Camera


This is a somewhat rare camera in that it was a 50th Anniversary Edition Polaroid and it’s an awesome GOLD color! It actually is modeled exactly like an LMS SUN 600 camera, which is much more common. As it claims right on the camera itself, it was released for Polaroid’s 50th Anniversary which was in 1987. I believe there has also been a Sonar 660 version.50th Anniversary Polaroid Camera


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The Impossible Project Film and the Bitter Cold

Impossible Project Film

This is a follow up to my The Impossible Project Film in the heat of summer post. Their film is very temperamental and if it’s not developed in the right conditions the colors may be a little off. The main things that affect the development process is temperature and light. I am going to give my insight into developing pictures in cold weather today.

I live in Boston, and to say the least it has been a very long, snowy and cold winter. Taking pictures in this weather is not easy considering I generally walk about town with camera and film in tow making it susceptible to the outside weather. I decided to take out two different cameras out one day during a light snow fall, but it was about 15 degrees F outside. I took with me a more modern 600 series camera with built in flash from the 90’s and a folding SLR SX-70 Sonar OneStep. Both films for the cameras were taken out of the fridge and set out to reach room temperature for about an hour. So after the hour I load the film into the camera and I am out the door.

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The Impossible Project Wish List

The Impossible Project Wish List


Review – Polaroid Impulse 600 Camera

Polaroid Impulse Camera

Polaroid Impulse 600

The Impulse camera is non-folding 600 camera that is similar to the SX-70 non-folding cameras. I am not sure when these cameras were first produced, but I have a strong feeling that it was in the late 80’s. There are many versions of this camera, but they generally only varied in color and not much in functionality. This review is for the most common blue grey colored version. It comes with a built-in pop up flash that you push on to reveal the lens. You push it again and the lens cover slides back over and keeps the lens protected. When the cover is over the lens it also causes the camera to kind of shut down and you are not able to take photos. It’s shutter button is located on top towards the back of the camera. Some versions of the camera have a close-up option that is also located on the top of the camera and you have to slide a button and keep it there if you think your subject is within 2-4 feet.  The camera is made out of plastic with a vinyl sort of covering over where you would hold the camera on the sides. The light management system is located in front of the camera right below the lens. It can be moved from the left side (lighter) to the right side (darker).  This camera can sometimes be found in stock in my Etsy Shop or you can also find them on and in thrift shops. Since it is somewhat “newer” than a lot of other Polaroid Cameras it tends to be in good shape.

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Polaroid Graduation at Smith College

Smith College on PX70 Film

This past weekend one of my best friends finally graduated from Smith College. I personally graduated from Smith a few years ago so it was a fun experience to go back and relive graduation without it really being a reunion year.  We had good time going to Illumination Night and going to the ceremony the next day with Arianna Huffington as the speaker.

I decided to take a nicely re-skinned folding Sonar SX-70 with me and some PX70 Color Protection Film from The Impossible Project. The camera was having some issues with the rollers and the Sonar is out of wack. I did manage to fix the rollers a bit by pressing the apart with my finger so the Polaroids were no longer getting stuck, but I had to use the camera in manual mode the whole time due to the Sonar issue. Nevertheless I was able to take some amazing photos with it.  Below is my said camera which I managed to re-skin myself!

Sonar SX-70 Polaroid CameraThough it is the end of May the temperature was still pretty cool that all of the pictures were able to develop without me having to do anything extra.  I just avoided the Polaroids having direct sunlight on them when they were ejected from the camera.  Hope you enjoy!

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Blue with Yellow Accents Polaroid 600 Camera

Blue and Yellow Polaroid 600 Camera

The blue Polaroid 600 camera with yellow accents is one of the more modern version of the 6oo Polaroid cameras. It was made in the late 90’s to early 00’s. It has a plastic body that is a midnight blue in color with bright caution yellow accents in the shutter, “close-up” lens knob, and light management slider. This camera can sometimes be found in stock in my Etsy Shop or you can also find them on Ebay and in thrift shops. Since they are somewhat “newer” than a lot of other Polaroid Cameras they tend to be in good shape. The main problem that I tend to see when I get these types of cameras are stuck shutter buttons and broken straps, so check that out first if you are able.

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