The Polaroid Wall

Polaroid Wall

Since I first started working with Polaroids and their films I have been collecting a large amount of Polaroid pictures. ¬†They consist of everyday items around my apartment if I am doing work late at night and have no other items to really take pictures of at 1 am, as well as some nice ones of friends, family and scenic views in different locations. They were starting to pile up in a small silver box that I especially bought for them, but they soon where over flowing and I couldn’t shut it properly. I finally decided that I had enough good ones to start a Polaroid Wall.

My first start was a trial and error in location and trying to find the right adhesive to use to keep the Polaroids in place. Below you can see one of my failed attempts taken with a Polaroid camera. So basically a Polaroid of Polaroids, pretty awesome, minus the fact that half of them had fallen off.

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