The Canon AF35M and the Cross Processed Film

Canon AF35M Camera

This is not really a review of the Canon AF35M Camera as it is more of a quick look over since I have already reviewed this camera. This is bascially the same exact camera as the Canon Sure Shot which you can read about in more detail at the below link:

The Canon Sure Shot Camera

The Canon AF35M is the European version of the this camera and works the same way and shares the same manual. It was also nicknamed the Autoboy in Japan and was Canon Inc.’c first autofocus 35mm compact camera. This post is mainly to show the body of the camera and the photographs that I was able to take with it.Canon AF35M Camera

As with the Canon Sure Shot camera the AF35M takes plain old 35mm and is powered by 2 AA batteries. So with a trip to a local drug store you should be good to go on any adventure with this bad boy.  On a side not this camera is not meant for sneaky street photography. It has an automatic winder and it is really loud. Its no joke as it will draw stares from others who are trying to figure out what is going out.

Canon AF35M CameraI took this camera with me on a recent trip to Vegas/Hoover Dam and I loaded it with some Lomography X-PRO 200 film and I have to say that the pics came out amazing. I am not sure it if was due to such bright sun or if the lab I took it to fine tuned it, but I really loved the jewel tones that were produced in the photos.  The film is slide film, but it was cross processed in C-41 solution to yield some interesting results.





I was only able to take a few pictures indoors with a flash, but with the cross process they came out more of a greenish color than anything else. I don’t think the cross process works as well with regular dark but flash lit photos, unless there are different colored lights of flashes are involved. That’s just my own opinion.

Finally I took some shots when I came home of inside my aparment to finish up the roll. I took them without the aid of the flash despite it being a little bit too dark.



I also happened to forget that there was film in the camera so I opened it up and got a major light leak in some shots. Still gave a neat effect though, kinda of like my living room was on fire. All in all the camera was fun and easy to work with. If you would like to see a more detailed review of this camera you can find it HERE or type in Canon Sure Shot in the seach bar of my site.

If you really like this camera and it’s design you can sometimes find in my Etsy Shop. If it’s not in stock you can always drop me a note and I can source it for you for no extra cost and make a reserved listing just for you.

If you really like the look of the film I used you can find it on at the below link

Lomography X-PRO Slide Film 200 35mm

I hope that you have enjoyed this sort of, kind of review. Please let me know in the comments if you have any particular cameras or film that you would like to see reviewed.



  1. Terry August 24, 2016

    Great review, Adriana! Just reminded that I have a similar Sure Shot sitting unused on a shelf. Hasn’t seen much light since adopting a Minox 35 ml. Noisy, as I remember, but clean images. Will try again, or release back into the wild!

    • Adriana August 24, 2016

      Thank you! Oh yeah I forgot it is wicked loud. I should add a note about that in the review. I also have a Minox, but it has a sticking shutter that I can’t seem to fix even after I have opened it up and messed with it 🙁


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