The Diana F+ and the Diana Instant Back+

Diana Instant Back+

I have had my Diana Instant Back+ for about a year now, and I have to say it is a really neat accessory.  I actually have used my Diana F+  more with the Instant Back than with actual 120 film. The first time that I used it was in Ireland while trekking around the country in our rental car. I was able to get some fantastic shots with the pleasure of having them instantly in your hand. My only problem was that I forgot to buy batteries before the trip and we had to scramble across tiny towns looking for an obscure type of battery.

Anyways I just wanted to post a quick tutorial on the use of the back with your Diana F+ camera. In my experience I received the box with the Instant Back and right away wanted to use it, though there weren’t clear instructions to me on what needed to be done. I’m not sure if I lost the manual or what, I can’t really remember, but your first step if to open up you camera and remove the back as if you were going to put in some film. Inside you will see the 120 spool where you film winds on to, as well as a small bracket at the bottom of the camera that holds the spool and the film in place. You may also have a square frame inside depending on how you were having your film turn out in terms of sizing. You need to take all of these components out of the camera as they are not really needed to take the photos and my cause issues in your shots. Keep all of these items in a safe place, as you will have to put them back if you want to use film again.

Items to take out first

Items to take out first

Next your Instant Back kit comes with a special lens that you have to pop into the camera that goes behind the current lens in your camera. This is needed to change speed and size of the picture that gets projected on to the instant film.

Lens used to put into the camera for your Instant Back+

Lens used to put into the camera for your Instant Back+

Once the lens is in place you can install the back similarly to how you would put the regular Diana F+ back on and turn the knob at the bottom to the locked position. Now you just need the film and the batteries. Film for this back is made by Fujifilm and is called Fuji Instax Mini and generally comes in either a 10 pack or a twin 20 pack. It produced cute little credit card sized pics in color similar to a Polaroid. This film is pretty popular and I have seen it sold in both Wal-Mart and Target.  The back is powered by CR2 Lithium batteries that can be found in electronic store like Radioshack or Best Buy. You can also find both items in the links below.

Energizer EL1CRBP-2 3-Volt Lithium Photo Battery (2-Pack)

CR2 Batteries

CR2 Batteries

Fujifilm INSTAX Mini Instant Film Twin Pack (White)

Instax Mini Film

Instax Mini Film

Once the batteries are installed and you have film then you should be set to start shooting. Just add the film cartridge into the back and remember to turn on the back button everything you want to use it. It lights up blue when it’s on.

Diana Instant Back+ Open

All ready to go!

Shooting with the Diana F+ and the Instant Back is similar to shooting as with normal film. Focus and aperture are much of a guessing game in everything has to be manually chosen.  Framing is also a guess, but I think that you have to angle your shot to be a little to the left to get things centered. A great thing that you are able to capture on the instant film is multiple exposures and night exposures on the bulb setting just like on regular film. I love that the pictures show up as hazy and dreamlike.

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The Diana Instant Back+ can be purchased at for $89, and is a steal for the lovely pictures it produces. You can find it at the links below:

Diana Instant Back+

Lomography Diana F+ Instant Back(Black)

    Technical Specification

  • Exposure Dimension: 46mm x 62mm
  • Length to focal plate extended: 12mm
  • Correction lens for extended focal length: Included in package and required
  • EV variation of Correction lens: -1 EV
  • Batteries: 2x CR2 (6V) (batteries not included)
  • Film Ejection mode: One touch ejection
  • Power on/off switch: Yes
  • Power light up indication: Yes
  • Film Counter: Yes (LED Light)
  • Tripod Mount: Yes
  • Tripod ‘ears’ – Create a firm base for steady shooting
  • Film type: Fujifilm Instant Mini Film (must be purchased separately)
  • Photos per pack: 10 (film must be purchased separately)


  1. Renecia November 18, 2016


    I own a Diana F+ Metropolis and a Diana Instant Back +. I also bought a pack of FujiFilm Instant Film ( 10 sheets, ISO 800 ) from an online store. The process of loading the film and inserting batteries seems fine but whenever I take a picture, it prints a black picture. I am not too sure of what caused this to happen. First, I thought it may be the instant film problem and so I changed the whole pack and loaded a new one. However, it still printed black pictures. Second, I look through reviews and realised it could be my settings. I tried various settings; different apertures , with(out) flash and distance , and all I got were black pictures. Could this be I am using a wrong type of film? If so, what type of film should I use (ISO 100? ISO 400?)? Is there a specific way that I should know about using the Diana Instant Back+ ?

    • Adriana November 19, 2016


      I am not exactly sure what is going on. It sounds like your shutter might not be opening up. Can you remove the back and peek into the camera and make sure that the shutter is actually opening when you pull down the lever? I think you should start with that and go from there.


    • Michelle January 26, 2018

      I bought this camera last month and believe me, i had half pack wasted from the first try.
      first it was black with 3 dots on the left.

      i shoot indoor and without flash.
      i had trials & errors along the way so, best to say; look out the focus distance setting & use flash. (the iso setting too)

      best is that, have multiple instax mini film ready at your side & take a note every time you shoot so you will not be wronged again.

      (somehow i wouldn’t risk using this camera (instant back) in a low light surroundings. the cloudy-partly cloudy is somehow best with this)

      happy shooting! 😉

  2. linas_lietus December 5, 2013

    Love the look of the pictures, perfect match for the Diana F+!

    • Adriana December 5, 2013

      I love them too!! I think it’s a great accessory.


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