The Polaroid Wall

Polaroid Wall

Since I first started working with Polaroids and their films I have been collecting a large amount of Polaroid pictures.  They consist of everyday items around my apartment if I am doing work late at night and have no other items to really take pictures of at 1 am, as well as some nice ones of friends, family and scenic views in different locations. They were starting to pile up in a small silver box that I especially bought for them, but they soon where over flowing and I couldn’t shut it properly. I finally decided that I had enough good ones to start a Polaroid Wall.

My first start was a trial and error in location and trying to find the right adhesive to use to keep the Polaroids in place. Below you can see one of my failed attempts taken with a Polaroid camera. So basically a Polaroid of Polaroids, pretty awesome, minus the fact that half of them had fallen off.

My first attempt at the Polaroid wall with sub par adhesive dots/.

My first attempt at the Polaroid wall with sub par adhesive dots.

My first adhesives were using a product called zots which were like sticky little round candy dots, though clear, but they rolled out in a similar fashion. Though they were fine at first after a few days they seems to lose their grip  and my Polaroids would fall to the ground. They were also not great to take off the painted wall.

My next attempts were much better and I was able to find an adhesive which was much better.  I was able to have a nice wall that is consistent and I don’t have the pictures falling off constantly.

My next attempts were much better for the Wall

My next attempts were much better for the Wall

I now use a product called UGlu Dashes that say they combine the strength of adhesive with the convenience of tape. They can bought online at the following link Glue Dots Removable Sheets Value Pack, or I was able to find them pretty cheap in my local fabric store.  They are small strips and they come off much easier than other products especially off of the wall.


 I also found that locating the wall above a heater was also not the best of ideas. The heat coming up from the heater is causing the adhesive to become warm and lose some of its sticky factor, which was causing the photos to come loose. Of course in order to start making a Polaroid Wall you will need a camera. You can find some at my store where there is always a rotating stock. You will also need film, which can be found at The Impossible Project or on at the following link Impossible Color Film for Polaroid 600-Type Cameras. So from all of my limited experience in the matter I decided to come up with a small list of what I think you would need to achieve success in your own Polaroid Wall.


My latest version of the wall, that I continue to add to

My latest version of the wall, that I continue to add to

Tips on Making a Polaroid Wall

  • 1. Place on a large black wall with a solid color. Preferable a white or bright color.
  • 2. Have the location be bright, but not in direct sunlight, as the sun will bleach your Polaroids.
  • 3. Place away from heaters or very warm areas as the heat will cause adhesive to lose their properties.
  • 4. Use a strong adhesive material such as Uglu Dashes to keep your Polaroids in place.
  • 5. Use a ruler to and level to make the first vertical and horizontal lines of your wall to keep them looking straight.
  • 6. Keep adding of Polaroids!


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