Vivitar Point N’ Shoot 110 Camera Review

Vivitar 110 Point N' Shoot Camera Avon’s Vivitar Point N’ Shoot 110 Camera

Vivitar actually made two versions of this camera, and this review is on the more stylish purple version that was sold through Avon. It was manufactured in 1987 and was sold exclusively through the giant catalog makeup company. The camera was completely purple with a minty green shutter button and writing.  It came complete with a matching purple wrist strap and zip up case. The camera has a fixed focus as well as exposure, so it is literally a point and shoot camera. You really can’t adjust anything on it except to add a flash bar when you need some light. I bought this camera off of Ebay for pretty cheap, and it can still be easily found in both the purple and black versions.

Vivitar Point N' Shoot 110 Camera

Vivitar Point N' Shoot 110 Camera


The Weathermatic-A uses only 110 film and can accept ASA 100 and 400. The only company that I am aware of that still makes fresh 110 film is Lomography. They make the film in both color and black and white. They also have some film with pastel colored tones and redscale tones. In this camera I used the Lomography Tiger Color Negative Film which has an ISO of 200, but worked great with the Point N’ Shoot. I only shot pictures during the day.  I did not have a flash to test with the camera at the time, which I now regret 🙁 . All of the Lomography 110 film can be bought directly from their online store Online Store or on

Lomo 110 Film


The Point N’ Shoot camera does not come with a flash, but it can accept flip-flash bars. These can still be found on Ebay and in specialty camera shops. Each flip-flash bar has 8 to 10 one time use flashes with 4 or 5 on each side. If you run into some trouble with having the flash bars go off you can sometimes run an eraser over the contacts to clean them. When you are using the flash your subject will be best lit if they are between 4-8ft from you, otherwise your subject will appear to bight/light if they are within 4ft or too dark if they are beyond 8ft. This camera has a fixed focus anyways so everything that is 4ft and beyond is going to be in focus, so I wouldn’t really try to take any pictures within 4ft.

Flip-Flash for Vintage Cameras

Cartridge Installation

The Point N’ Shoot was actually tricky for me to open and insert the cartridge, because the back door that you slide over was a little hidden. I couldn’t tell if the door was either going to pop open or slide over so I struggled with it for some time. The door slides open from the left to right and just insert the film cartridge and just close it back up. Then you just advance the lever on the bottom of the camera from and press the shutter button repeatedly until the No.1 appears in the window.

Vivitar Point N' Shoot 110 Camera

Picture Taking

I tested out this camera during my trip to NYC and London last year. I used the camera in all sorts of setting including rainy days.  I had the camera dangling from my wrist on in my pocket always ready for action. The nice thing about this camera is that it is so small it could fit anywhere.

London from St.Paul'sThis was taken on a somewhat dreary day from the top of St.Paul’s Cathedral in London. It had spectacular views and I think this tiny camera captured it well.

London Calling on Vivitar Point N' ShootAnother nice view from St. Paul’s I believe but from another side. I love the contrast of the bright red crane in the distance.

London Museum with Vivitar Point N' Shoot 110 Camera Now this is an indoor picture without the flash in The Museum of London. This is the glass ceiling that they have installed that looks up onto the sky. The day was a little cloudy, but you could see enough of the sun poking through.

Skyview with Vivitar Point N' Shoot 110 CameraThis is now in New York City and was taken on top of the Rockefeller building. You can see central park beyond the buildings in the background.

New York with Vivitar Point N' Shoot 110 CameraThe view from out balcony in Manhattan was pretty spectacular and the Point N’ Shoot gives it a dreamy vintage look.

New York Window - Vivitar Point N' Shoot 110 Camera

Even in low light with out the flash this camera was able to capture the silhouette of the window frame with the city in the background with a lovely light leak floating through.

If you really like this camera and it’s design you can sometimes find in my Etsy Shop. If it’s not in stock you can always drop me a note and I can source it for you for no extra cost and make a reserved listing just for you.

Most times the manual for this camera is no longer with the camera itself, but I have scanned my copy of the manual in the below link.

Vivitar Point N’ Shoot 110 Camera Manual 


  • Type: 110 Pocket Camera
  • Manufacturer: Vivitar
  • Year of release: 1986-7
  • Films: Type 16mm 110 film cartridges
  • Focusing: Fixed
  • Aperture: Fixed
  • Flash: disposable flip-flash bars
  • Film advance: by black bottom lever
  • Battery: none

I hope that you have enjoyed this review. Please let me know if you have any questions.


  1. Brendan December 3, 2017

    Do you still have the camera used in this blog?

  2. Joshua Reyes November 28, 2017

    How will I know if it works?

    • Adriana February 26, 2018

      You should be able to see a flash of light through the lens when you press the shutter button looking through the back.

  3. Zoe Levit October 8, 2017

    How did you get digital pictures of your film? Did you just take a picture of them?

    • Adriana November 17, 2017

      I generally get them processed at a lab and have them scan the photos as well to a CD.

  4. Katavia Vann May 15, 2017

    I have that same camera

  5. LONESOME JAMES February 6, 2017

    Hi, I have an ordinary Vivitar LF, and I just loaded some film onto it. But is there supposed to be some sort of shutter clicking sound when shooting? I’m not exactly sure how to indicate a shot was taken…

    • Adriana February 7, 2017

      Hi, Yes you should def be able to hear a clicking sound when you press the shutter button. Hope this helps.

  6. Jeanne September 13, 2016

    I have one of these purple point and shoots, do you want I?

    • Adriana September 13, 2016

      Hi how much would you want for it?

  7. Carlos Alberto Correia July 16, 2015

    Thank you very much. it was a great help 🙂

  8. Carlos Alberto Correia July 14, 2015

    I would love your help 🙂 what do you mean with no battery? It works without battery. how does the shutter works?
    thanks a lot!

    • Adriana July 14, 2015

      The shutter works mechanically and does not depend on a battery. All the components inside the camera work mechanically.


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